Inclusions: Flavour

Inclusion Learning Centre - Flavour - Spilt Raspberry Kibble Jar

Are you looking for something that enhances the flavour of your product or a hero flavour that comes from the inclusion?

Do you want the pop of flavour that stands alone or just blends in and reinforces the flavour of the finished product?

The taste of the inclusion separate from the other components is important to consider. Any flavour additions or processing requirements may impact the recommended solutions.

You may also have a flavour that is the key to the project, such as an already existing product or inspired by an experience that you are capturing in a new project.

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Inclusion: Application

Inclusion Learning Centre - Application - Caramel Fudge, almonds and muesli bar image

The type of inclusion that will provide the most desirable or required result in the finished product that the inclusion will be used in varies, making the final application, a key factor in the decision-making process for inclusions in new product development or reformulation.

Products that are to be baked have different requirements than those that will be in a freeze/thaw or high moisture environment. Much the same décor pieces have requirements for visual appeal are different to ingredients that are used within the product such as inside a chocolate bar.

Grey slate background with lunchbox inspired setting (apple and reusable container used as props) with Choc Almond Fudge Museli Bar
Caramel fudge ball inclusions in muesli bar
Bowl with 3 scoops of Choc Fudge Ice Cream and spoon on grey slate style table
Chocolate fudge piece inclusions in ice cream

Understanding the APPLICATION of the inclusion within the finished product is key to helping navigate the infinite choices within the product development landscape.

An example where application impacts the final inclusion used is shown in the images to the left.

Fudge balls used in a muesli bar provide a creamy and smooth taste and meet the production sizing and process requirements, while in the ice cream a long-grained traditional fudge piece provides the fudge taste and texture while remaining freezer and tooth-friendly.

Regardless of your intended application, our team are here to help.

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Inclusions: Confectionery Inclusions

Inclusion Learning Centre - Confectionery Inclusions Title with jars of confectionery inclusion samples

Amongst the various categories of inclusions, FoodFlo International focuses on quality food inclusions. Our range includes confectionery inclusions, such as fudge and honeycomb and non-confectionery options such as brownie pieces, coffee bean kibbles, cookie doughs and more. 

Stacked Large Sample Jars with mixed inclusions
Various confectionery inclusion samples

Confectionery inclusions are exactly that, pieces of confectionery treats, specially formulated and manufactured to suit the application and inclusion requirements of your project. Common examples would be honeycomb (hokey pokey) ice cream or chocolate bars.

FoodFlo International provides a wide selection of inclusion products within the inclusion range including:

Each range of inclusion treats within the confectionery range has a unique set of properties and characteristics that are designed to delight and perform under various circumstances. Not sure where to go from here? Looking for some help to investigate your options? Our team are here to help.

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Inclusions: Where & How Are They Used?

Inclusion Learning Centre Header - Where Are Inclsuions Used? Image of peanut and brittle ice cream in scoop on grey tile backdrop with brittle balls and peanuts scattered by scoop

Inclusions have popped up throughout history in the cultural baking, food and eating habits around the world. Fruitcake alone can track history for over 2000 years with some sources tracing back to ancient Egypt, while modern pastry chefs are pushing the borders of molecular gastronomy to with gels, kibbles, foams and other culinary delights.

Tea party with 4 mint kibble covered chocolate truffles laying on long dessert tray.
Inclusions used on a product: Mint Crisp Truffles
Application inspiration - peanut brittle ice cream and deconstructed inclusions
Inclusions used in a product: Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

Our range of products is developed with both tradition and innovation in mind to provide inspiring confectionery ingredients perfect for your next project. No matter if you are mixing in, or using as decoration there are plenty of options with special formulations for various applications and end-uses.

Are you considering using inclusions in your next product development? Our team are here to help.

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Not sure what’s next for your inclusion project? Need something specific? Our team are here to help.

What Are Inclusions?

Inclusion Learning Centre - What Are Inclusions? Header with fudge, caramel sauce, nuts, honeycomb, and sugar free kibble in the picture

Inclusions, are something added or introduced as part of a product that is extra to the standard mix. An example of a finished product with inclusions would be a chocolate chip cookie. The base cookie on its own has had chocolate chip inclusions added to the formulation, creating a final result that is both more appealing, enjoyable and higher value to the target market than the formulation without the inclusion.

Mixed inclusion types, fudge, kibble, honeycomb, caramel & nuts
Mixed inclusion varieties (Clockwise from top L to R): fudge pieces, caramel sauce, nuts, honeycomb kibble, sugar-free butterscotch kibble

The use of various fruits, nuts and other inclusion items have their origins in traditional foods of many regions and cultures. As such, there is a cultural connotation world-wide that inclusions = special and are a great way to add value and create a memorable food experience for your desired consumer.

Ready to use inclusions in your next product developments? Our team are here to help.

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