Application inspiration - peanut brittle ice cream and deconstructed inclusions

Inclusions used in a product: Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

4 Mint chip truffles on tray displayed in a tea party setting

Inclusions used on a product: Mint Crisp Truffles

Inclusions have popped up throughout history in the cultural baking, food and eating habits around the world. Fruitcake alone can track history for over 2000 years with some sources tracing back to ancient Egypt, while modern pastry chefs are pushing the borders of molecular gastronomy to with gels, kibbles, foams and other culinary delights. Our range of products is developed with both tradition and innovation in mind to provide inspiring confectionery ingredients perfect for your next project. No matter if you are mixing in, or using as decoration there are plenty of options with special formulations for various applications and end uses.