Mixed inclusion types, fudge, kibble, honeycomb, caramel & nuts

Mixed inclusion varieties (Clockwise L to R): fudge pieces, caramel sauce, nuts, honeycomb kibble, sugar-free butterscotch kibble

Inclusions, are something added, or introduced as part of a product that are extra to the standard mix. An example of a finished product with inclusions would be a chocolate chip cookie. The base cookie on its own has had chocolate chip inclusions added to the formulation, creating a final result that is both more appealing, enjoyable and higher value to the target market than the formulation without the inclusion.

The use of various fruits, nuts and other inclusion items have their origins in traditional foods of many regions and cultures. As such, there is a cultural connotation world-wide that inclusions = special and are a great way to add value and create a memorable food experience for your desired consumer.