What Are Inclusions?

Inclusion Learning Centre - What Are Inclusions? Header with fudge, caramel sauce, nuts, honeycomb, and sugar free kibble in the picture

Inclusions, are something added or introduced as part of a product that is extra to the standard mix. An example of a finished product with inclusions would be a chocolate chip cookie. The base cookie on its own has had chocolate chip inclusions added to the formulation, creating a final result that is both more appealing, enjoyable and higher value to the target market than the formulation without the inclusion.

Mixed inclusion types, fudge, kibble, honeycomb, caramel & nuts
Mixed inclusion varieties (Clockwise from top L to R): fudge pieces, caramel sauce, nuts, honeycomb kibble, sugar-free butterscotch kibble

The use of various fruits, nuts and other inclusion items have their origins in traditional foods of many regions and cultures. As such, there is a cultural connotation world-wide that inclusions = special and are a great way to add value and create a memorable food experience for your desired consumer.

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