Development Process & Options

Have An Idea Or Project?

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Looking for that little bit extra as part of your next New Product Development?

How much easier would the whole process be if you could be inspired from a range of options, recipes, and processes and then have solutions presented to you based on years of market and inclusion development knowledge, your requirements and target demographics/application for your consideration?

That’s great, because FoodFlo is here to do just that. We are like an extension of your team. Saving you time and effort to work on the rest of the details that go into getting a new project off the ground and through the development process.


We do have a range of popular products and creative ideas listed on our website from across our product range and skill-set. Sometimes, these solutions are perfect for something on the go, but your finished products isn’t “Same Old”, so why would your inclusions? All FoodFlo inclusions are made to order to ensure you get the longest possible shelf -life and combination of characteristics in the final product that best suits your needs.


Be it a unique flavour, different texture or a specific ingredient that you want to include/exclude, the development and production team works closely with our customers to solve your product development challenges with ingredients that deliver to exciting ways to delight your customer.