Confectionery Coatings In High Moisture Environments – Demonstration

Hi, everybody, what I wanted to show you today was the effect of the high moisture environment on inclusions.

Now in front of us today, we have a chocolate-coated, fat coated and uncoated hokey pokey. Now I’m going to scoop some into a vial of water and come back in a couple of minutes, and we’ll see how it holds up.

OK, see you in a few minutes.

Well, well, it’s been two minutes now, and you can see the chocolate covered and the fat coated inclusions are pretty much the same as what they were. The uncoated, however, is starting to dissolve and you can see some discolouration of the water. So let’s leave them alone for another few minutes and come back and see what happens.

It’s been a couple more minutes now, five minutes.

So we’ll scoop some out and show you what’s happened. So this is the uncoated inclusions, so it’s mostly dissolved, and you can compare that to before. And after that is the fat coated, pretty much no change and the chocolate-coated the same, pretty much no change. A little bit of discolouration because of the nature of the chocolate sitting in water. But really, you can see the difference between uncoated inclusions and the coated.

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Close Ups Of Demonstration Progress & Results