What’s Next In Flavour – 2023 Youth Edition      

What's next in flavour- youth edition header image on berry background.

We had the opportunity to chat with a group of NZ provincial college students (15-17 years old) as part of their introduction to the world of work in the manufacturing industry.

As part of that visit, they were not only introduced to production and food safety principles but took part in their own New Product Development research by collecting organoleptic data, analysing samples, and preparing flavour ideas for the group.

Of the ideas provided by the students over 80% were fruit related – leaning into the bright and well-known berry, orange, peach, and strawberry (the most popular choice) of a summer garden.

With the remaining 20% being gourmet or new format remixes of classics or mashups of other less common but complimentary flavours.

One of the most exciting was when the team decided that our recent innovation, sherbet crunch, would create a delicious “spider” (ice cream float) type experience when used alongside a creamy texture like ice cream.

It was refreshing to see the groups understanding of marketability, audience, and production concepts within their short time with us and recognising opportunities that exist for exciting careers outside of the main centres or office-based roles.

Vegan & Plant Based Inclusion Options

Many people are taking up new eating habits and increasing their awareness of the impact of their food choices environentally, economically, and socially.

With this in mind, there has been a global rise in the interest for food that is plant based, vegetarian, and vegan.

Many of the products we already make are suitable for vegan or vegetarian applications – often with only small modifications, process controls or colour swaps to meet your requirements. Our team would love to help you find the right solution for your next project.

Further Reading

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Resources & Research Sources

Starting A New Project – We’d Love to Help

Inspired By: Honeycomb / Hokey Pokey – Mixed Applications

3 sample sizes of Honeycomb kibble on white background

The traditional flavour of sugar that has been caramelised over by heat and mixed to create a light and fluffy texture that mimics the inside of the hives of bees, isn’t a new concept and is well known by a variety of names and traditions around the world. Applications beyond snacking on the simple treat itself and including it into other products is still an under-developed territory which has only recently started to see more traction on store shelves and menus.

With over 50 different varieties and formulations available, our in-house product development experts have developed a range of honeycombs that help capture this nostalgic experience across a range of applications, from the production of balls and pieces well suited to high moisture and freeze/thaw environments, through crumbles of the favourite treat perfect for in chocolate or other treats or our innovative sugar-free version that allows for the mouth feel and taste of the traditional treat without the sugar.

Application Inspiration: Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls group on white with loose inclusions
Bliss Balls group on white with loose inclusions

Bite-Sized Bits of Delicious

Bliss balls are a trendy treat of bite-sized proportion. These snack friendly treats are a perfect way to enjoy, indulge and experience delicious flavours without the guilt. Our sugar-free range of isomalt based inclusions helps you create guilt-free formulations for your customers, or try some of our popular sugar-boiled confectionery to create contrast in your flavours and textures with premium ingredients like manuka honey, or decadent fudge.

Inclusions Used In This Project

Application Inspiration: Honeycomb Chocolate Bars

Choc Honeycomb Bars Header
Choc Honeycomb bar sprinkled honeycomb inclusions on white bg

A Classic Chocolate Crunch

A flavour favourite known by many names, honeycomb inclusions in a chocolate bar adds a delicious crunch sure to delight customers of all ages.

No matter your inspiration, there is sure to be a formulation that suits your requirements, with options for vegetarian formulations, sugar-free, organic, and more.

With options to include a flavoured variety to honeycomb, you can add a new and exciting twist on a classic or find delicious taste solutions to innovative new products your customers love.

Honeycomb Inclusions To Inspire

Application Inspiration: Fudge Chunk Biscuits

Application inspiration - biscuits header image
Fudge Chunk Biscuit on cooling rack with flipper and tea towel

Delicous Chunks of Fudge,

in a decadent bakery style biscuit. YUM! Looking to create something new and exciting in the bakery section? Our team would love to help. Check out the delicious Fudge Chunk Biscuits, Made with freeze/thaw stable fudge pieces (perfect for ready to bake products) and a delicious no dairy formulation gives decadence for formulations that require plant based ingredients.

Fudge Chunk Biscuit dough on tray in kitchen with portion scoop

Fudge Chunk Biscuits

These delicious treats were made with our favourite biscuit recipe, the only difference was we swapped out the chocolate chips for fudge chunks. Other delicious options we have tried and love include using nougat kibble (making for a treat with a sweet honey flavour) honeycomb balls, and caramel fudge balls.

How an inclusion performs in a bakery environment depends completely on the variables of the environment, heat, recipe, and time that you require in your process. The best way to test the suitability of inclusions for your process is to try it! Some of the best surprises come not from what the product stays looking like, but what the creation turns into.

Ready to create your next great product? We’re here to help.

Other Inclusions To Inspire

New Products – July 2021

Get inspired by something new and exciting. Check out the newest products added to our online inspiration catalog or browse some of our latest application examples. Our team is here to help you make great treats better.

Application Inspiration: Muffins

application inspiration - Muffins header image with salted caramel muffins and tray on white background and loose inclusions
3017 Muffin application styled
Salted Caramel Fudge Pieces in Chocolate Muffins

Delicious inclusions are an exciting part of new and captivating products. With brand crossovers, collaborations and remixes regularly appearing it’s exciting to find new ways to translate customer favourite flavours from one application to another, extending the brand experience. Chocolate and caramel fudge are a fan favourite ice cream flavour, so we remixed it into a morning tea and cold-weather snack – muffins.

Looking to create something exciting in the bakery section?

White Chocolate Caramel Fudge Balls in Choc Muffins w tray loose inclusions

Contact Us

We’re here to help and have experience with a variety of products in various situations.

Your difference is the difference. Be it temperature, moisture, time, or other unique and challenging features of your inclusion, our team is here to help you find a great tasting option that will spark excitement in your target market that suits the variables of your production process.

Inspiration: Hokey Pokey/Honeycomb Ice Cream

3600 Honeycomb Pieces Ice Cream styled bowl on cuttingboard and grey tile with loose inclusion

Classic flavours are anything but boring. Rich caramel notes with just the right amount of crunch and fluffiness to the texture are key to the perfect tasting finished product.

Honeycomb Pieces

Delicious randomly formed pieces of honeycomb give the gourmet feeling to hokeycomb ice cream and provide size and shape variation not possible in a traditional ball shape.


With a mix of options across the product offering, there is sure to be a fluffy or brittle treat perfect for your needs.

Ready to create your own Honeycomb masterpiece or reformulate an old classic? Our team are here to help.

The options in honeycomb and hokey pokey are as varied as your needs and the FoodFlo team are dedicated to help you find a perfect inclusion match to help make your great treat better.