What’s Next In Flavour – 2023 Youth Edition      

What's next in flavour- youth edition header image on berry background.

We had the opportunity to chat with a group of NZ provincial college students (15-17 years old) as part of their introduction to the world of work in the manufacturing industry.

As part of that visit, they were not only introduced to production and food safety principles but took part in their own New Product Development research by collecting organoleptic data, analysing samples, and preparing flavour ideas for the group.

Of the ideas provided by the students over 80% were fruit related – leaning into the bright and well-known berry, orange, peach, and strawberry (the most popular choice) of a summer garden.

With the remaining 20% being gourmet or new format remixes of classics or mashups of other less common but complimentary flavours.

One of the most exciting was when the team decided that our recent innovation, sherbet crunch, would create a delicious “spider” (ice cream float) type experience when used alongside a creamy texture like ice cream.

It was refreshing to see the groups understanding of marketability, audience, and production concepts within their short time with us and recognising opportunities that exist for exciting careers outside of the main centres or office-based roles.