Inspiration: Hokey Pokey/Honeycomb Ice Cream

3600 Honeycomb Pieces Ice Cream styled bowl on cuttingboard and grey tile with loose inclusion

Classic flavours are anything but boring. Rich caramel notes with just the right amount of crunch and fluffiness to the texture are key to the perfect tasting finished product.

Honeycomb Pieces

Delicious randomly formed pieces of honeycomb give the gourmet feeling to hokeycomb ice cream and provide size and shape variation not possible in a traditional ball shape.


With a mix of options across the product offering, there is sure to be a fluffy or brittle treat perfect for your needs.

Ready to create your own Honeycomb masterpiece or reformulate an old classic? Our team are here to help.

The options in honeycomb and hokey pokey are as varied as your needs and the FoodFlo team are dedicated to help you find a perfect inclusion match to help make your great treat better.