New Product Development Process

New Product Development Process Header Image with large jars of multiple inclusions on white background

So what is involved when working with FoodFlo to develop an inclusion specific to your needs?

Firstly, we would work through your requirements and processes to see what your requirements are and the capabilities of your systems. It is also important to understand your timelines and volumes for the project.  

Our standard lead time applies for projects where we have a pre-existing formulation, but we may require extra time for specialised ingredients or flavours. Knowing what your launch window or project windows are to help start the planning processes and timelines.

We pull together as many details as possible and discuss your price point to help prepare a solution that is likely to be most successful.

Our new product development team meets together and discusses options for development and prioritises formulations in our trial schedule to fit in as many trials as possible. To help speed up the decision-making process and get the best value out of the available trial space our team will often pull samples for your consideration of products in a similar size, with colour or flavour inspiration for your review. This will help steer and further refine the development process allowing the team to create the final solution with greater speed and accuracy.

softkibble-cookiedough-fudgeball comparison in piles with single inclusion item shown for size similarity and texture difference
Mixed Inclusions all inspired by a similar size, flavour, and colour

From that point, our team will take your feedback on the reference samples sent earlier, combine them with our extensive knowledge and access to technical documents and recipes to create a trial product suitable for testing in a production scale trial. This ensures consistent outcomes from equipment and processes that are going to match finished product results and allows our team to correctly calculate the pricing and any additional processing requirements needed because of the new formulation.

This sample then gets sent to your review.

By asking the questions we do ahead of time (to help prepare, consider checking out the inclusions development workbook or one-page check sheet) we can help condense the product development process and avoid critical hurdles later in the process.