Food Trends of The Post-Covid Era

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Now that there is a structure for a return to global activity with Covid vaccines rolling out across the world, it is interesting to see the trends that have started to appear.

The top 4 food trends we see as sticking around longer than travel restrictions are:


commercial manufacturing with tight controls and regulations are appealing as people look to minimize points of contact and contamination with their daily diet.

Here at FoodFlo, we are audited to the international BRC standard and hold an AA rating.

Partnering with suppliers that take the same level of care that we do, is one step we take to ensure food safety and integrity through the process.

Surge in Snacking

who hasn’t been on a Zoom where someone snuck a quick bite or had a snack on the desk. The comforting sensation of snacking as a way to manage emotional and physical needs.

Sourdough recipes have given way to “have you tried that new flavour of chocolate bar yet?” and “Look what just showed up in my latest delivery”  or shared alongside a moment of “little indulgence” and “deserved after the day I just had”.

Delivery/Click & Collect

Online first, rather than on the shelf/impulse. The positioning of the item to sell online as well as on-shelf or in-store means that many are first coming across an item in a promotion online or browsing digital shopping options rather than in the store.

Plant-aware – vegan and dairy-free formulations

As many nations grappled with multiple lockdowns, more people are looking to adjust their food choices for both dietary and ecological preferences.

Brands are using this to position products to appeal to a wide range of people, rather than just those adhering to specific dietary requirements, and develop products with these restrictions in place that appeal to consumers that are considering making these choices rather than living by them strictly.

Here at FoodFlo, we deal with quality inclusions daily and look forward to working with you on your next product development or reformulation. Please get in touch with one of our team, we would love to help you delight and excite your customer.

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