Mint Crunch Truffles

Tea party with 4 mint kibble covered chocolate truffles laying on long dessert tray.

Inspired by the global demand for baking ingredients, food kits, and self-development, indulge your customers in immersive learning and creating an experience with simple to make dessert kits. With premium ingredients and flavours not available in any other aisle and the satisfaction of home-made, patisserie inspired results.

Mint coated chocolate truffles are a fudgy, buttercream inspired offering rolled in crunchy mint kibble.

Alternatively, include the sweet pieces as texture variances and flavour bursts inside energy balls and protein bites.

Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

Application inspiration - peanut brittle ice cream and deconstructed inclusions

Inclusions without nuts don’t have to mean a nut-free final product, with our range of brittles, butterscotch, caramels and soft kibbles giving product developers scope to deconstruct flavours for a premium finished product worthy of your customer’s next Instagram post.

There are few things more traditional than homemade peanut brittle and vanilla ice cream, this isn’t boring basic vanilla with little bits of the traditional treat mixed inside. This is a deconstructed premium delight:Recipe (as shown in the photo):

  • 1 Part Roasted and Salted Peanut Halves
  • 2 Parts 8mm Brittle Balls (Cocoa Butter Coated to retain just the right amount of “crunch” in ice cream)
  • Mixed into a Vanilla Ice Cream Base


Deluxe Milkshakes

3 Types of Milkshakes with inclusions on whipped cream
3 Types of Milkshakes with inclusions on whipped cream

Add some crunch to fun and summery milkshakes with a confectionery inspired inclusion topping.

Pair with high contrast to the milkshake for extra drama, or pair the inclusion with a chocolate drizzle for extra drama.

Or delight your tastebuds with a subtle coloured suprise crunch.

Featured Inclusions

Inclusion Workbook – Free Download

Inclusion Workbook Cover Art Mockups on Tablet, phone and book

After feedback from our customers on our inclusion one-page worksheet, we have expanded this into a workbook that includes some of the finer details that impact the bigger picture and ask the questions that help refine your needs into a digestible conversation. No matter what your decision-making process for inclusions, or the tools you use to help decide, the FoodFlo team are here to help.

Inclusion Workbook Cover Art Mockups on Tablet, phone and book

Fresh & Fruity Inspired Inclusions

Fresh & Fruity Inclusions Header Image with cutout fruit on white baground

Summer’s here, and the with it the inspiration for refreshing and sweet treats. This fresh & fruity collection is sure to inspire from a range of fruit and summer flavours across a range of products. Our team are here to help with your next “fresh” project.