Inspired By: Honeycomb / Hokey Pokey – Mixed Applications

3 sample sizes of Honeycomb kibble on white background

The traditional flavour of sugar that has been caramelised over by heat and mixed to create a light and fluffy texture that mimics the inside of the hives of bees, isn’t a new concept and is well known by a variety of names and traditions around the world. Applications beyond snacking on the simple treat itself and including it into other products is still an under-developed territory which has only recently started to see more traction on store shelves and menus.

With over 50 different varieties and formulations available, our in-house product development experts have developed a range of honeycombs that help capture this nostalgic experience across a range of applications, from the production of balls and pieces well suited to high moisture and freeze/thaw environments, through crumbles of the favourite treat perfect for in chocolate or other treats or our innovative sugar-free version that allows for the mouth feel and taste of the traditional treat without the sugar.