Application Inspiration: Fudge Chunk Biscuits

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Fudge Chunk Biscuit on cooling rack with flipper and tea towel

Delicous Chunks of Fudge,

in a decadent bakery style biscuit. YUM! Looking to create something new and exciting in the bakery section? Our team would love to help. Check out the delicious Fudge Chunk Biscuits, Made with freeze/thaw stable fudge pieces (perfect for ready to bake products) and a delicious no dairy formulation gives decadence for formulations that require plant based ingredients.

Fudge Chunk Biscuit dough on tray in kitchen with portion scoop

Fudge Chunk Biscuits

These delicious treats were made with our favourite biscuit recipe, the only difference was we swapped out the chocolate chips for fudge chunks. Other delicious options we have tried and love include using nougat kibble (making for a treat with a sweet honey flavour) honeycomb balls, and caramel fudge balls.

How an inclusion performs in a bakery environment depends completely on the variables of the environment, heat, recipe, and time that you require in your process. The best way to test the suitability of inclusions for your process is to try it! Some of the best surprises come not from what the product stays looking like, but what the creation turns into.

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