What Impacts Pricing For Inclusions?

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Honeycomb Kibble 2-16mm Uncoated


Some ingredients are premium priced compared to others. Isomalt is a premium raw product compared to sugar, so it makes sense that Sugar Free Inclusions are premium priced compared to their sugar based counterparts.

Shape & Processing Time

How long things take to make and the shape of the finished goods means there is a specific layer of processing time. The various cooling processes, cooking times, and non-mechanical processing including the speed of processing the formulation at the required shape and size.

Technician comparing two samples of an inclusion for colour match verification

Processing Restrictions & Testing

If your processes require additional testing or has special processing restrictions this may place extra charges or timeline restrictions onto your order increasing the required resources and cost to complete for you.

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Order Volume

All inclusion products are made to order. Each product is a custom setup for processing equipment and there are strict process controls to ensure cleanliness, compliance, quality, and safety throughout production. When processing smaller orders, it means these fixed costs for production setup are spread over a smaller total volume of product.

Our logisitics freight partner provides service on a per pallet basis regardless of size for smaller orders, so it doesn’t matter if it’s minimum volumes or full pallets, the fixed price remains the same, again increasing the per KG price compared to larger volumes.



As our inclusion products are priced including delivery, where you wish to send the shipment as well as the urgency of the delivery is also important. We regularly send containers to our Australian logistics warehouse, but should your production require stock with more urgency than is available via our standard freight options or under our current lead times, airfreight is often available for an extra charge.

Soft Crunch Kibble - Small and Large kibbles side by side (small 2-4mm Spicy Ginger Soft Kibble beside a larger 2-12mm Biscuit Soft Crunch)

Special Flavours/Colours

There are a variety of colours and flavours available from a wide range of suppliers. If your project requires a specific colour or flavour result, then the volume of these specialised ingredients will impact the overall cost.

3152 Chocolate Hokey Pokey Pieces


Coatings have a range of options and purposes and is an extra processing step. The type and volume of coating can inpact the production process including manufacturing time and ingredient costings.

192289 Sugar Free Fizzy Kibble 0-5mm

Smallest Size

When a product is created it is then sized into what is needed for your application the smallest required size with your finished product. The more inclusive the smallest size of product acceptable (down to 0mm – dust) the more cost effective the production process.

192220 - Feijoa Soft Crunch 2-12mm in stainless steel scoop

Largest Size

The size range that is required for your inclusion including the largest pieces that are processable by your equipment and desired in your finished product dictates the variance in product size of the finished product. A smaller size range increases processing efforts and as such increases costs.

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