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Chocolate is a highly moisture resistant option as an inclusion coating and is has a wide range of price points and options available within. From a premium dark or ruby chocolate coating to the delicious options in compound milk or white choc, and everything in between there is sure to be something to delight your customers and meet your desired taste profile. Chocolate coatings, in real or compound chocolate, can be applied as an outer coating on your inclusion or as a part of the flavour itself of the item in products like chocolate fudge or dark chocolate biscuit soft crunch.  Our team has even developed processes to partially coat the products in chocolate, allowing the strength of the inclusion flavour to be enhanced with a hint of chocolate (like in our Mint Kibble Dark Compound Partial Coat – 3334 as shown on the left).

Dark Real Vs Compound Chocolate
Dark Real Vs Compound Chocolate

Chocolate traces it’s history back over centuries to the hot drink and is now a popular flavour around the world for treats and snacks. Various forms of “real” chocolate are made with cocoa butter (the natural fats of the cocoa bean) and various amounts of other ingredients such as cocoa liquor or cocoa powder with sugar and milk to create the chocolate we know and love today. Compound chocolate is the product made with similar ingredients, but replacing some of the cocoa butter with other fats or oils, such as sustainably sourced palm oil, to create a product that meets the taste profile, use requirements,  or price point of the product’s target market.

3 Chocolates - Milk Dark White
3 Chocolates – Milk Dark White

FoodFlo International has also developed processes for usings chocolates that meet special requirements, such as sugar-free options where projects need chocolate coatings but have specific ingredient requirements or process restrictions.

No matter what your desired application, there is sure to be an ideal solution available. Our team are here to help you discover them.

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