Inclusion Learning Centre: Cocoa Butter

Inclusion Learning Centre Header Image - Cocoa Butter: With photo of solid pieces of cocoa butter against white background

Cocoa butter is a premium confectionery fat, primarily used in the manufacture of chocolate. Cocoa butter is the oil/fat extracted from the cocoa beans and is primarily used in the manufacture of chocolate and chocolate products, with some side applications in pharmaceutical use thanks to the melting temperatures of the fat being similar to the average temperature of the human body. This melting point of the fat is what gives chocolate and other products containing the premium confectionery coating a smooth, melt in your mouth experience.

solid pieces of cocoa butter against white background
solid pieces of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter behaves similarly to sustainable palm oil in the application and use as a confectionery coating and moisture barrier to mitigate the effects of ambient moisture in production processes and minimise the effects of high moisture or freeze/thaw application on products such as food inclusions.

Cocoa butter in solid form is a buttery yellow colour, and when melted, has similar colouring to olive or other cooking oils.

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