Inclusion Learning Centre: Sustainable Palm Oil Coatings

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Palm oil is a popular confectionery coating fat thanks to its creamy texture and neutral flavour. Oil from palm trees It is also very efficient to produce (source) compared to other oil products per unit of land. FoodFlo International uses only RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil as per our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.

Palm Oil - Solid against white background
Palm Oil – Solid

This fantastic and multipurpose oil is clear, odourless and flavourless and hardens to a bright white colour in solid form. Applied carefully, it helps to mitigate the effects of ambient moisture in production processes that would otherwise cause uncoated items to clump together and used in greater volume used for minimizing the impact of high moisture applications (such as in ice cream) or freeze/thaw situations on products like honeycomb balls. This multipurpose ingredient is used as a cooking oil in some countries thanks to its impressive range of properties.

No matter what your desired application, there is sure to be an ideal solution available. Our team are here to help you discover them.

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