Variety & Range of Honeycomb Balls

Not all hokey pokey is the same. With over 50 varieties available there is bound to be something to suit your next project.

Colour, recipe, size and ingredients all matter when you are looking for that perfect inclusion.

Transcript from the video:

Hello, it’s Lionel from FoodFlo international here with you again.

In the last video, we went through with you our new product development process. Today I am wanting to expand on what I mentioned in there as to our honeycomb/hokey pokey range how we have over 50 different options, and today I’ve got 5 options from our hokey pokey honeycomb ball range to show you what we can offer.

First up is our 8mm butterscotch ball coated in cocoa butter, widely used in the ice cream industry in Australia and New Zealand for Hokey Pokey ice cream and made with butter. We have the option to coat this in chocolate or palm oil. All of our palm oil is sustainably segregated, & it depends on your target market which of these will work best for you.

Then we move on here we have a product we call our brittle balls. It’s got a more burnt cinder type taste, and very similar to our butterscotch ball, but a bit darker colour and taste with a deeper honeycomb/hokey pokey flavour. That’s also coated with a cocoa butter.

Back here we have a 4mm butterscotch ball, very similar to the 8mm one, but in a smaller size and uncoated. Once again we have the option to coat these as required.

On the back closest to the camera is our hokey pokey ball in 4mm. It is a dairy-free option of the butterscotch ball made without butter and had a bit harder bite, and certainly a great product for dairy-free ice cream or chocolate perhaps.

Lastly is our 10mm ball, a fluffy honeycomb, a lot more aerated crunch to it. Not as hard of a crunch to it as a butterscotch ball, but similar to a crunchie bar and our delicious Choc Hokey Pokey product that we make.

As you can see, within these, we do have a lot of options, we do have quite a range that can be varied to suit your specific requirements. We have options of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 15mm ball size options. So call us today to see how we can help you. Talk soon.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Inspired By: Honeycomb / Hokey Pokey – Mixed Applications

3 sample sizes of Honeycomb kibble on white background

The traditional flavour of sugar that has been caramelised over by heat and mixed to create a light and fluffy texture that mimics the inside of the hives of bees, isn’t a new concept and is well known by a variety of names and traditions around the world. Applications beyond snacking on the simple treat itself and including it into other products is still an under-developed territory which has only recently started to see more traction on store shelves and menus.

With over 50 different varieties and formulations available, our in-house product development experts have developed a range of honeycombs that help capture this nostalgic experience across a range of applications, from the production of balls and pieces well suited to high moisture and freeze/thaw environments, through crumbles of the favourite treat perfect for in chocolate or other treats or our innovative sugar-free version that allows for the mouth feel and taste of the traditional treat without the sugar.