Inclusions: Price Point

Inclusion Learning Centre E-Course Topic Header: Price Point - includes image of small tub of crunchy coffee & chocolate ice cream and family sized tub of honeycomb/hokeypokey ice cream (honeycomb balls in vanilla ice cream)

Every project has a target price point. If your development is in the premium end of the market, you may want to use a premium dark chocolate as a coating for your inclusion.

If your product is targeting the everyday end of the market, you may want to use a compound milk coating to suit the market.

Gourmet tub of chocolate & coffee crunch ice cream.
Family-sized tub of hokey pokey/honeycomb ice cream.

Ingredient choice, processing complexity and order volumes all impact price points of finished inclusions.

Targeting the right solution means including the price point considerations too.

Not matter what your requirements are, our team are here to help.

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