Food Trends In A Recession

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Hello All, It’s Lionel from FoodFlo.

In light of the current climate, I have been reading some interesting articles on food trends and consumer behaviour from past economic downturns.

Some points I have seen are:

  1. Innovation & Development
    Some major brands that you know and love have been launched in difficult times. One example is Snickers, invented and launched in the midst of the great depression. It’s important to remember to not let your product development stop during these times. People still want exciting new products.
  2. Comfort Flavours & Small Indulgences
    Many major snacking brands experienced significant growth in an otherwise declining economy in the GFC. While the new car or overseas holiday off the agenda, ice creams and road trips were on it during these times. One small trend we have seen from consumers in the current crisis during these times is when people’s stocks of toilet paper and rice didn’t satisfy their sweet tooth, they went out and stocked up on ice cream, chocolate, bakery, and their other favourite snacks.
  3. Shop Local
    Many consumers have turned to their local village stores, markets, and supermarkets. One way to embrace this in your next product development could be to use regional ingredients such as local honey or fruit.

Here at FoodFlo, there has been no let-up in our new product development, production, deliveries, or customer support. We would love to be of assistance to you. Talk soon.