Strawberry flavoured boiled kibble in white choc (complete and broken bars)

Photo of Strawberry Kibble in a white choc bar.

4 Mint chip truffles on tray displayed in a tea party setting

Photo of Sugar Boiled Mint Kibble on the outside of chocolate truffles

Sugar Boiled Kibble is reminiscent of broken pieces of favourite hard-boiled sweets, peppermints, candy canes, hard lollies etc, and inspiration for many confectionery inclusions started as either seconds or broken fragments of larger products.

Top-quality ingredients in the format and formula that is perfect for your intended application in the volumes you need, with consistent and dependable results.

Sugar boiled confectionery, originating from the history of candied fruits and penny candy have a long history with interesting stories and recipes along the way.

Sugar boiled kibbles are an excellent way to introduce a pop of colour and flavour to food.