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Fudge was popularised as an accessible confection that could be made at home without specialised equipment during the late 19th century, and has developed into a popular and indulgent treat ever since.

3 scoops of chocolate fudge ice cream in small bowl with spoon on white background
Traditional long grained chocolate fudge features in a chocolate Fudge Ice cream.

Perfect fudge is all about the texture, which is thanks to the various techniques used to create the sugar structure (or grain) of the finished product. Each application, and market, will have varying requirements across this range. One example of special note in this offering is the difference between fudge used for bakery applications vs ones that best perform to create the desired end texture in ice cream.

Fudge Ball vs Piece
Chewy (more caramelly textured) caramel flavour fudge balls and a traditional long grained choc fudge piece (about 10mm-15mm)

Our team have a variety of recipes, textures and offerings across our range that help create the desired end result.

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