Indulgent experiences are all around us and becoming an expected opportunity. According to The Grocer grand scale indulgence, especially ones with a nostalgic feel are set to feature in the minds of consumers as the anti-thesis to healthful eating.

As part of this nostalgia, there have been increasing demands for brittle products with various specifications. FoodFlo International is ready to help you seize the opportunity with a range of inclusions from our facility that does not process products containing nuts. Inclusions without nuts don’t have to mean a nut-free final product, with our range of brittles, butterscotch, caramels and soft kibbles giving product developers scope to deconstruct flavours for a premium finished product worthy of your customer’s next Instagram post.

For our Autumn 2019 Flavour Inspiration, we were excited by the idea of warm fires, family, harvest and tradition.

There are few things more traditional than homemade peanut brittle and vanilla ice cream, this isn’t boring basic vanilla with little bits of the traditional treat mixed inside. This is a deconstructed premium delight:

Application inspiration - peanut brittle ice cream and deconstructed inclusions

Recipe (as shown in the photo):

  • 1 Part Roasted and Salted Peanut Halves
  • 2 Parts 8mm Brittle Balls (Cocoa Butter Coated to retain just the right amount of “crunch” in ice cream)Mixed into a Vanilla Ice Cream


  • Brittle Pieces with a nut butter ripple
  • Caramel Kibble and Pecans
  • Salted Caramel Fudge Pieces with Walnuts
  • White Chocolate Coated Salted honeycomb bits inside macadamia flavoured ice cream
  • Spicy Ginger or caramel Soft Kibble, nut pieces and caramel or spice flavoured ice cream

What is Brittle?

Brittle is a hard, caramelised sugar confection, typically served as broken pieces of the boiled and cooled syrup. It is often embedded with nuts or other treats. (Source: Wikipedia)