test tubes filled with coloured liquid being examined by unrecogniseable chemist

Different colours provide varying messages about taste, flavour, and market positioning to your end consumer.

Colour has a strong history of connection to the perception of taste and flavour. It also emphasises or de empahsises features within a product.

Are you looking for something that blends in/matches the product being developed?

Would a bright and vibrant/contrasting colour that stands out add excitement for the customer?

What market is this product to be sold in? Colour has various meanings and excitement levels depending on the location and market you are targeting the product to. There is even research that says various demographics amongst those regions may have colour preferences and their own colour associations.

Perhaps you are looking to match a product already in the market for a new “mash-up/crossover” or are wanting something that matches a specific mood.

Our team have years of practical knowledge and experience with colours, colouring foods and their performance within confectionery inclusions. If you are not sure the best way to implement colour in your project or are interested in discussing very specific colour needs, one of our team would be happy to help.

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