Inclusions: Texture

Inclusion Learning Centre - Texture Header with choc fudge ice cream in bowl with spoon

The texture is the feel, appearance or consistency of something. This can be both a visual and “in-mouth” experience as part of food product development and something that needs to be considered as part of your product to ensure the desired end effect with inclusions.

brittle vs fluffy honeycomb
A brittle ball vs a fluffy honeycomb
Fudge Ball vs Piece
Fudge – chewy fudge balls vs pieces (traditional long grained texture)

When considering texture is it a crunch, chew, or perhaps a biscuity texture you desire.

How does the texture of the inclusion sit against the rest of the product?

What level of texture contrast are you looking to achieve?

How does the experience of various textures and flavours relate to the experiences and expectations of the target market for your product?

No matter what your texture requirements, our team are here to help.

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