Key Decisions When Using Ice Cream Inclusions

Hello, it’s Lionel from FoodFlo international, and today I am going to discuss key features to consider when you’re next working on an ice cream development with inclusions.

These six features include:

  • Texture
  • Flavour
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Requirements & Restrictions
  • Price Point


So when it comes to texture, what is it that you are looking for. Is it a crunch, a chew or is it a biscuit crumbly texture that you are after. These are all things to consider.


Then when it comes to flavour, are you looking for something that enhances your flavour of the ice cream or you looking for a hero flavour that comes out in your inclusion. Something that really gives that pop of flavour and stands alone or just blends in and helps with the flavour of the ice cream.


When it comes to size, what is it that you are looking for the inclusions in your ice cream. Is it small pieces evenly distributed through the ice cream, giving the feeling of abundance or is a larger piece with less quantity and a sense of gourmet and decadent feel in the ice cream.


When considering the colour of your inclusion, consider if you are looking for something that blends in and matches the colour of your ice cream, or are you looking for a bold bright colour that stands out and adds excitement to the ice cream.

Requirements & Restrictions

Your next project may be limited by some requirements and restrictions that may include: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, no artificial colours or flavours, Halal and Kosher.

Price Point

Every project has a target price point. If your development is in the premium end of the market, you may want to use a premium dark chocolate as a coating on your inclusion, whereas if your product is in the everyday end of the market, you may want to use compound milk chocolate to meet this market.


These features of texture, flavour, size, colour, requirements & restrictions and price point are very important to every ice cream inclusion development, but also are a lot to think about. We think about them every day and would love to help you with your development. Please contact us for assistance.