Small Gourmet Tub of Chocolate & Coffee Crunch Ice Cream

Coffee Soft Crunch in a premium chocolate ice cream

Spicy Ginger Soft Crunch in a white choc bar

White Peppermint Soft Kibble in Choc (milk choc bar and pieces)

White peppermint Soft Crunch in a milk choc bar

Soft Crunch Kibble - Small and Large kibbles side by side (small 2-4mm Spicy Ginger Soft Kibble beside a larger 2-12mm Biscuit Soft Crunch)

(L to R):  Spicy Ginger Soft Crunch Kibble (2-4mm) next to the larger sized Biscuit Soft Crunch Kibble (2-10mm)

A biscuit-style texture is a popular choice of inclusion, and cookies and cream flavoured ice creams have histories dating back to the 1980s, with some earlier claims to the invention dating back to 1977 (Wikipedia).

Soft Crunch is perfect for a variety of applications and provides a firm but forgiving crunch on the tooth compared to a traditional sugar boiled kibble while maintaining crunch properties in moist environments longer than a traditional biscuit thanks to its low hygroscopic nature.

Plus, since the formulation has the capability to manufacture soft crunch products to gluten-free and vegan specifications, you can provide a crunch style inclusion in products beyond your customer’s expectations.

No matter what your desired application, there is sure to be an ideal solution available. Our team are here to help you discover them.

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Further reading: – Hygroscopicity – Richardson, J.F. – Measuring Crunchiness as ‘Sound Bites’