Inclusion Learning Centre: Baked & Dough Inclusions

Inclusion Learning Centre Heading: Baked & Dough - with photo of stainless steel scoop and brownie pieces

Baked and dough style inclusions are the result of some of the first “cross-over” products in the market, combining the flavours of homemade treats with other product categories such as chocolate and ice cream. Ever popular in North America, cookies & cream and cookie dough flavours are some of the first thoughts of consumers when they think about creative ice cream flavours.  Suitability of inclusions in this offering includes accounting for high moisture and freeze-thaw environments that impact the texture and stability of the inclusion.

FoodFlo can provide frozen dough inclusions that meet a variety of requirements in larger volumes, and our team is versed to assist you in the process of selecting the best option for your project needs.

Not sure where to start? Our team are here to help.

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