Honeycomb Inclusion Varieties/Shapes

Honeycomb Inclusion Varieties and Shapes - Cube, Kibble, Ball & Piece

Honeycomb, also affectionately called Hokey Pokey (NZ), Cinder Toffee (UK) or Sponge Candy (USA) comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures depending on the intended final product properties.

Honeycomb / Hokey Pokey ball, piece and kibble side by side against a white background
(L to R) Honeycomb Ball, Piece & Kibble

With more than 50 varieties in production across a range of sizes, shapes and recipes, and over 40 years in business, the FoodFlo International team are honeycomb inclusion experts. They have even developed a sugar-free version of the classic treat.

Honeycomb Types (L to R): Balls, Pieces, and Kibble. Click to enlarge photo for more detail

There are three main shapes for honeycomb inclusions:

  • Kibbles
  • Balls
  • Pieces

Each shape has qualities that suit different applications or outcomes. Combine your desired shape with the recipe for the right amount of fluffiness to the crunch or the depth of the caramelised sugar flavour, and you have an ingredient for your next product worth doing the Hokey Pokey for, they even come in flavoured honeycomb varieties.

No matter your application, we likely have the honeycomb solution. All products either standard range or partnership developed are subject to minimum order quantities and standard lead times.


Honeycomb Kibbles

Caramelised sugar with just the right amount of air pockets is what gives honeycomb it textured name, but it can also be kibbled into various pre-sized mixtures. These crushed and rough-textured kibbles are screened to ensure sizing for your production process requirements and can be coated with cocoa butter, chocolate or other confectionery barriers to keep the product free-flowing and create the desired result in your products. Kibbles are popular in bakery and chocolate applications.


Honeycomb Balls - variety of sizes and formulations - 4,6,8,10, & 15mm

Full or half-round, and available from 4 – 15 mm across a range of recipes, the classic honeycomb ball is perfect for freeze/thaw applications thanks to the uniform surface area and a layer of protective coating for just the right amount of crunch. Honeycomb balls are also a perfect snack mix addition and are suitable for panning processes.


Hokey Pokey Pieces Cocoa Butter Coated

Randomly formed pieces of smooth honeycomb. Not a ball, but also not a kibble. Just right for your gourmet frozen products thanks to their random shapes and sizes for a premium experience without the exposed surface area of kibbles. Perfect for panning, ice creams, chocolate, bakery decoration, and much more.