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More and more consumers are chasing lifestyle products that not only taste good but have healthier formulations. In the past few years, we have seen the rise of the speciality food aisles in grocery stores for products “free-from” gluten, sugar and other ingredients shift from back corners and bottom shelves to prominent sections and special displays in prime locations. Products suitable for the diabetic were a label searching experience at the turn of the century and are now something ranged alongside and viewed by consumers as a practical alternative to the real sugar products.

Sugar-free inclusions are a great way to help products your products stand out. Isomalt based formulations not only have a less sweet taste, but they also carry a significantly lower caloric load than sugar, helping with formulations for a variety of purposes.

Sugar-free is a topic where we have created quite a few resources, and have included links to them below.

Looking to target the rise in post-lockdown wellness? How about flavour enjoyment without the guilt of over-indulgence? Sugar-free formulations are perfect for new and exciting products to delight consumers.

Our team are here to help you discover solutions perfect for your next project.

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Free Whitepaper “Dietary Indulgence: Product Development Possibilities Expand With Sugar-Free Inclusion Options” – Free Download: Inclusion Checklist – Sugar-Free Inclusions Using Isomalt as a Sugar Replacement – Polyols in confectionery: the route to sugar-free, reduced sugar and reduced-calorie confectionery. Albert Zume, Adam Lee, and David Storey.

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