Our ever-popular Choc Honeycomb (also known as Hokey Pokey and Cinder Toffee) ends up exported to all sorts of places. This container is off to Australia. 

In this week's video, we show you what it takes to go from a freshly cut cube of finely grained hokey pokey, through the choc enrobing process, and through our packing and quality systems out the door and into a container ready for pickup and export overseas.



The process starts with cubes of freshly cut honeycomb cubes making their way into the choc enrober. This is a process that helps ensure all sides of the hokey pokey get covered with the delicious coating. Once coated the Hokey Pokey travels along the cooling tunnel where the hard snap of the choc you know and loves develops through the choc hardening process.

From the cooling tunnel, the product is loaded into our bulk (9kg) boxes where they are sealed and processed through our metal detector before being stacked on a pallet. 

On the day the container is set to leave, our team grabs the pallet from our warehouse and loads it into the container. 

Once the container is full, our team closes the doors and uses an export seal to ensure the load is secure until the warehouse team at the destination can unload it and send it with local shipping companies to our customers.