There seem to be new products and trends developing around every turn. Some are more popular than others. Here are our three favourite flavour trends at the moment.

a stack of chocolate with inclusions

Regionalised Ingredients

More than ever there is attention to what is in our food and where it comes from. Be it NZ butter mixed in to create a rich natural butterscotch fudge or Marlborough’s famous sea salt’s infusion in a salted caramel crunch, local tells a story in your product and takes your customer on a journey to the destination. Where our food comes from is increasingly important and interesting to the consumer. Telling the story of an ingredient can be what makes your product stand out.

Healthy Connection

Wellness is increasingly top of mind amongst the social pressures and awareness in our culture. Feeling good and taking care of ourselves isn’t always easy, so with the opportunity to include some of the goodness in moments of enjoyment isn’t overlooked. Things like natural colours and flavours, manuka honey reduced sugar or sugar-free, and superfood or fruit infused are all on target here.  You may have seen this trend in darker chocolates with inclusions that are flavours more akin to the nutritional supplement section or as part of a protein-rich health bar or inside a trendy bliss bite.

Honey on a spoon
single serve chocolate truffles

Indulgent Individual Portions

Everything in moderation. People are still enjoying a nice treat, what is getting dropped are the mediocre flavours or over the top empty calorie products that have no real value or taste. You may have noticed the rise of Saffron infused products or the increasing presence of rich dark chocolate products replacing milkier counterparts. Regardless if it is an over the top indulgence of flavours and textures on a “cheat day” or the richer flavours of fudge and brownie to have a single quality treat, indulgence matters. Bland textures and flavours for the sake of a pick me up are out the door.