CB Coated Mini Rainbow Buttons

These Mini Rainbow Buttons are a new addition to our offering. Imported from Europe, they are of the highest quality and absolutely delicious.

With Milk Chocolate or Compound options, we can cater to your target market. Our Milk Chocolate option is made with UTZ certified Chocolate.

We have replaced the Titanium Dioxide traditionally used for white colour with
Rice Flour. The great colours come from concentrates of algae, apple, pumpkin, radish, lemon, black currant, carrot, hibiscus, purple potato.

This gives you a very clean label product to use in many applications.

Applications for these Rainbow Buttons include:

CHOCOLATE: Use the mini size of our Rainbow Buttons to advantage and add them as a colourful addition to a chocolate block.

ICE CREAM AND DESSERTS: We have the ability to barrier coat these to prevent the sugar coating breaking down and bleeding in high moisture applications.

DECORATION: Our Rainbow Buttons are perfect for decoration purposes, on muffins, cakes, chocolates etc.

BAKERY: These Buttons will handle high temperatures for short periods so are well suited to dry doughs such as biscuits or cookies.