Honeycomb Balls 6mm Choc Coated Honeycomb Balls Hokey Pokey Kibble - Uncoated 3-8mm Chilli Hokey Pokey Kibble Coffee Hokey Pokey Kibble

Our Hokey Pokey, also known as Honeycomb, Cinder Toffee, Sponge Toffee, is our hero product and it is the best you will find.

We offer this in many textures, sizes and shapes including Balls, Chips, Random Formed Pieces and Cubes.

It is traditionally made with Gelatine, but on request, we have other options to meet specific requirements.

Added to ice cream is the favourite way to enjoy our Hokey Pokey, but also delicious in chocolate, on biscuits, in cake icing and much more…

Hokey Pokey Pieces CB Coated Dark Honeycomb Balls Hokey  Pokey Kibble Coated 3-8 mm Honeycomb Balls Large Hokey Pokey Balls