Promo Pack Branding Types

One of our specialities is the production of small packets of lollies printed with your companies logo or promotional message. The benefits of giving small regular gifts to your valued customers have been well proven, and FoodFlo Promotional Bags are ideal for this application.

  • Thank your customers for their orders or payments.
  • Send out with samples or quotes to new or prospective clients.
  • Say sorry if the inevitable occurs, and a valuable customer is "not happy"!
  • Promote a new product range, logo, or website.

Minimum order quantities for custom branded bags is 500. 

We now have 100 bag cartons of unbranded pastel mints (40g bags) or mocha beans (30g bags) available for dispatch from our online store.

Custom Branded Promo Packs are available in white or black print or full-colour label.
Our most popular options are 40g and 70g Jet Planes or Party Mix, with a wide assortment of size and contents available. 

On custom branded bags there is no set-up charge for artwork.