With the 2018 strawberry tampering in Australia, many consumers and businesses started to question the integrity of their food and asking what growers, manufacturers and suppliers are doing to ensure quality, safe food.

Part of the FoodFlo International quality assurance process includes the processing of all products through a metal detection process. FoodFlo is so committed to this process, that there are FOUR (yes 4!) metal detectors in the production and packing lines, and we have been using metal detectors for well over 10 years.

When products are packaged, the boxes are sealed and then passed through the metal detection systems. Where this is not possible (thanks to a metallic foil bag such as in our 400g Choc Honeycomb) the products are passed through the metal detection process immediately prior to packaging. Our metal detectors are calibrated and tested to find particles down to only millimetres in diameter, with some down to 0.8 mm!

Metal Detection Samples

Should something be detected in the product there is a quality process to stop the suspected item from progressing further, alert the operator, and remove and isolate the product for further investigation. Not only are the metal detection processes in place, but they are also regularly tested throughout the day, documented and recorded. There are also security systems in place including CCTV, that help our quality team track, trace and secure the facility, access to products, the metal detection units and process/records.

The processes, policies and systems we have in place to ensure we provide safe, quality products, are also audited annually by an independent third party, as part of the BRC Certification process. These checks not only include our systems and products but also include a review of the risk assessment and approval of our suppliers and raw materials too.

Our team have recorded a video for you of one of our metal detectors in use during a testing process – watch it now below. We look forward to answering any questions you might have about our metal detection process and food integrity.