Text from the video:

Hello, this is Lionel from FoodFlo International, and I am going to speak with you about some strong trends we see in the food industry and how FoodFlo International can assist you with leveraging these trends.

Some of the trends that we see in the food industry, from trade shows and feedback from our customers are the Free From Trend– including dairy products, free from sugar and low sugar, gluten-free and non-GMO, and NAFNAC (No Artificial Flavours, No Artificial Colours). Also, Vegan.

So here we have some products that are a small selection of what we can offer. I will cover these off and discuss what they offer.

First, we have a peppermint kibble. This is sugar-free. It is made with Isomalt which replaces the sugar and glucose. An excellent product for sugar-free chocolate or sugar-free ice cream.

The next one is a Hokey Pokey or Honeycomb Kibble, which is made with Agar to replace the gelatine. This is vegan, excellent once again for a chocolate or ice cream and many other applications.

Next, we have a Hokey Pokey ball; this is dairy free. Excellent for in dairy-free ice cream, this is becoming very popular.

Next, we have a caramel fudge cube. This also is dairy free and excellent for in ice cream.

We have many other options; please get in contact with me today, we would love to assist you with your next development.