Minimizing Waste & Recyclable Packaging

Over the past few months, many of us have become more aware of the packaging that is part of our daily activities and its impact. At FoodFlo, we work to carefully balance our use of packaging along with processes to ensure quality and reliability, cost-effectively.

We use a variety of paper products in our packaging such as cardboard boxes and newsprint that our customers already reuse and recycle, but the some of the most recent questions have been about the plastics we use.


Promotional Products

Our branded bags of lollies are packaged in clear plastic, with branding on the outside. This plastic has a recycle code of 5 and is becoming more widely accepted by many recycling programs.

Promotional Packs

Kiwiland Confectionery

As with our promotional products, our Kiwiland Confectionery is recyclable and has a plastic code of 5. According to, Polypropylene (PP) is one of the most versatile plastics available and is recycled into tools/utensils, trays, and automotive products.

Kiwiland Confectionery Range

Bulk Products & Inclusions

Our bulk products are often sold as a blue plastic liner inside a cardboard box. These liners have a recycle code of 7 as it is a mixture of food safe plastics.

The lining bag not only ensures safe storage for the food & ingredients inside but is ideal for maintaining quality after manufacture.

Our bulk individually wrapped sweets have a recycle code of 5.

Bulk Product Packaging

Choc Licorice Log Plastic Trays

Our Choc Coated Log trays are packed 8 to a box, and packaged with newsprint paper. The choc licorice and choc raspberry log trays have a recycle code of 1.

Licorice Log Container


Pallets & Pallet Wrap

Many of our orders leave us to travel to our customers on a shipping pallet. Where practical, we use CHEP pallets as this means the pallet itself is managed and maintained to ensure the best life for the resource.

We also use pallet wrap. A pallet wrapping machine helps minimise waste while getting the best possible stability on the load. The pallet wrap we use has a recycle code of 4 and the top sheets have a recycle code of 2. Our supplier has advised that these do not need to be separated for recycling.