There is nothing sweeter than opening up a parcel to find a branded bag of sweetness waiting there for you.

So how do we make that happen?

  1. The first step in the process is to decide what to put in the bag.

 Clients love to send Party Mix and Jet Planes, with plenty of other options such as our Pastel Mints which tasters say are the closest thing they have found to a favourite discontinued candy-coated mint with a hint of chocolate. Our mocha beans are a favourite amongst those serving a more metropolitan market.

Pastel Mints and Mocha Beans (Mocca)

  1. Next, we need to know how much to put in the bags.

Our most popular sizes are 40g and 70g, but of course, we will find something that works for you! We have clients who love branding up their own larger sized bags of 130g or 300g and find it isn’t much difference in cost to have something branded vs finding something of the same size on the supermarket shelf to include.

40g & 70g Promo Packs filled with Party Mix

  1. Now you decide on the artwork for the bag!

We don’t charge set up fees and want to make sure your message gets out looking as good as possible.  We print directly on the bag in black or white or can print up full-colour labels for you.

White, black & full colour labeling options for Promo Packs

Before we start production on your order, we will print an example from the machine for you and send it back to you (with product behind it of course so you can see what they look like as close as possible to the real thing) for your approval.

  1. Once you have approved the Order Confirmation with artwork proof and the details of your order such as quantity, it goes to our production team who start the bagging and packing process.

The production team selects your products, loads your artwork onto our bagging machine and the details of your order size. Then the process begins. We have summed it up for you in a little video.



  1. Once your order is bagged, and in boxes, our dispatch team gets things ready to go out the door, so it shows up when and where you need it, ready to delight your customers.