A classic flavour-favourite, hard boiled sweets have been around for generations. We all remember the fruit flavour goodness dispensed from adult pockets at just the right time to make the day extra special.

The Pahiatua based factory manufactures hard boiled sweets using a batch process to capture that quality flavour your have grown to love. In our Kiwiland confectionery range, there is a selection of fantastic flavours sure to sweeten any day. Hard-boiled lollies in mint, green apple, grape, passion fruit, peach, boysenberry, barley sugar, butterscotch and honey menthol are sure to delight.

We had the chance to visit the production area with our camera and capture the process FoodFlo uses to transform real NZ butter and other delicious ingredients into a gluten-free butterscotch confectionery treat!


The process starts by boiling the ingredients to the point that the sugar melts and caramelisation process begins. Then our team adds the NZ made butter and other ingredients for a delicious batch. The boiling batch is mixed and cooled to be rolled out into a long "snake" that is shaped by machine into the round losenge shape you know and love. The sweets are cooled, then individually pillow wrapped before being bagged into our promotional products (branded bags) or in our Kiwiland range found in shops across New Zealand.

Kiwiland products are available in our online shop (cases of 40 bags), Countdown, The Warehouse, and other fine retailers.