There will be over 1,700 food exhibitors, 14,000 trade visitors and representatives from over 115 countries at the World of Private Label International Trade Show on 29-30 May. The event is held in Amsterdam, and Lionel Cox, FoodFlo International’s Sales Manager, is getting ready to go.

Tradeshow Scene from

Lionel reminds us that “Europe is where the food trends normally start so I will be gathering up as much information as possible regarding the next trends and how we can help our clients to lead the way with innovative new inclusions.”

Thankfully, with the event being over two days, the short trip means that he won’t be out of the office long. He will be checking emails where he can, but the rest of the FoodFlo team are here to support while he is out of the office and respond to any urgent queries. Lacey will be Lionel’s primary support while out of the office. She can be reached on +64 6 376 8774 or

When asked if the trip was a good excuse for an extra bit of holiday, Lionel replied “No. All business, home as fast as possible”. We suspect that the other side of the world will be a fantastic experience, but back home to family and routine will be nice too. To help keep him organised while he is away, he says that “having a well-detailed itinerary is the most important thing. So I hopefully don’t miss any flights/trains or get the wrong ones!”