Confectionery Inclusions - Free Samples

Take the guesswork out of your next new product development project and touch, taste and see the ingredients before production begins. 




Hello, it's Lionel from FoodFlo. Did you know that we offer Free Samples for our inclusion range? Here we have an example of what we offer and you can request.

 Some samples here, a lovely little jar of 10mm Coconut Ice Balls. A very recent development, Let me know if you would like some.

Also, another recent development here is our sugar-free hokey pokey kibble. This is very new, just recently developed. A delicious product and very on trend.

And also our sugar-free Salted Caramel Kibble. Absolutely delicious in a sugar-free chocolate and once again, a very on-trend product.

Please contact me, I would love to send you some samples. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.